About us

About US:

Welcome to Nutberry, where pure indulgence meets wholesome goodness. Our brand is synonymous with premium quality and natural flavors, bringing you a delectable range of peanut butter that elevates your taste experience.

Nutberry is proudly owned by R M Foods, a pioneering force in the peanut butter industry since 2013. With a passion for quality and a commitment to excellence, R M Foods has been dedicated to exporting premium peanut butter, spreading the joy of Nutberry to discerning consumers worldwide.

Why Nutberry?

Pure Ingredients: We believe in the simplicity of nature. Nutberry products are crafted with care, using only the finest ingredients to deliver a pure and authentic taste.

Rich Nutrients: Our peanut butters are a powerhouse of nutrients, providing you with essential proteins, healthy fats, and energy to fuel your day.

Global Excellence: Backed by R M Foods' expertise, Nutberry has earned a reputation for delivering excellence in every jar, making us a trusted choice for peanut butter enthusiasts around the globe.

Embrace the goodness of Nutberry, where every jar tells a story of quality, taste, and a legacy of peanut butter perfection. Experience the Nutberry difference – it's a nutty affair you won't want to miss!